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Shanghai restaurant REVIEW:
Urban Soup Kitchen

  • Urban Soup Kitchen
    Urban Soup Kitchen's pastrami sandwich

The buzz: Healthy soups and salads, delivered to your door.

The décor: We called for delivery instead of visiting the shop, but we walked past it the other day, and it is a cute, compact, brick-walled, lino-floored, clean-looking little nook. Definitely good for a sit-down lunch if you’re in the Xintiandi area.

The food: They pride themselves on their fresh, healthy food, and are very adamant about their use of pure ingredients unsullied by preservatives. This is clear to see in the quality of the stuff. We ordered a large spicy German sausage soup (35 RMB, or 25 RMB for the small size) which didn’t suffer at all from its journey across town to the southern reaches of Putuo. There was plenty of tasty sausage chunks, carrots, and potatoes, and the broth was nicely spiced.

We tried the BLT wrap (35 RMB) and the beef pastrami sandwich (40 RMB). The wrap was huge – much bigger than we expected, and the sandwich was slightly smaller, but both were great. The smoked duck salad (38 RMB) was a good mix of meat and leaves, and had ‘fresh’ written all over it.

They do desserts too – fudge brownies (20 RMB), cheesecake (20 RMB), and apple crumble pie (18).

The drinks: Real Fresh fruit juices (15 RMB), sodas and soft drinks (6 RMB).

Why you’ll be back: Great customer service (the lady on the phone’s English was amazing), quick delivery (they didn’t go a second over the allotted 45 minutes they predicted) and high quality, tasty food. You can’t go wrong.

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Phone: 3331 1861
Urban Soup Kitchen, 280 Madang Lu, near Zizhong Lu, Shanghai, China

Price Range:

Takeaway available
Urban Soup Kitchen