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The Purple Onion

David Laris announces the closure of his Purple Onion restaurant.

Stop thief!

Two thefts of restaurant reservation books by laowai dressed in suits have sparked speculation about motives, and fear of more pilfering.

Artisan Foods

Two Shanghai-based foodies put their love of the good stuff into cyberspace with a great new blog.

Le Sheng - Laris's latest

A new Shanghainese restaurant in the pipeline.

Brunch at the Kerry Hotel

The Kerry Hotel in Pudong is launching "the mother of all brunches".

London, one of the world’s most bustling metropolises, a melting pot of cultures and restaurants; Shanghai, the pearl in the Far East, a city that never sleeps. So, what happens when a successful chain restaurant takes one slice of London lifestyle to the latter? Inspiration, magic and a breath of fresh air.

'London cosmopolitan lifestyle' now in Shanghai.

New Heights has partnered up with Riviera Events to launch its Summer Brunch program -“New Hamptons!” on May 15th.