1. Yao Chen 
Find out what happens in the daily life of a Chinese actress. Yao Chen might not be the most famous, but Weibo loves her. She was the first user to top 1 million followers in February 2010.
2. Wang Jiayun 
This college student from Shenzhen garnered fame with her endless photo posts. She attracted the attention of Korean Weibo users thanks to her uncanny likeness to a blow-up doll. Seriously.
3. 小S 
One of Taiwan’s best-loved presenters, 小S doesn’t pull her punches when she takes to her Weibo. Her sister 大S is also a prolific Weibo user.
4. Cai Kangyong 
If you follow 小S you might as well follow Cai Kangyong too, as they’re BFFs along with 大S. Banter.
5. Zhao Wei 
Hot on Yao Chen’s heels is fellow actress Zhao Wei, who was the second Weibo user with more than 1 million fans. Zhao tells it like it is.
6. Angry Editor 
Bilingual snark from the perennially piqued proofreader and PR person.
7. Li Kaifu 
Li caused a stir when he publically resigned as president of Google China in September 2009.
He Weibs about the development of his new company, and sometimes his kids.
8. Tom Cruise 
The crazy isn’t restricted to Twitter. Get your dose of Cruise without a VPN.
9. Bill Gates 
Smart move, Bill. The Microsoft mogul reaches out to the Chinese market with his Weibo.
10. Huang Jianxiang 
Well-known sports commentator Weibs and reposts a lot. So much so that he lost a lot of followers, but he’s slowly earning them back.
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Is it Evergreen?: 

China’s answer to Twitter is getting bigger and bigger. Just like its forerunner, Sina Weibo is attracting celebrities, politicians, businesspeople and… attention seekers. Here’s a round-up of the best and weirdest (including a couple of names you will definitely recognize).

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