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Sweeter than coffee, smoother than tea and tastier than boring old shui, hot chocolate occupies a place all of its own in the hot beverage pantheon. Luckily Shanghai has plenty of ho-cho options. Here are 10 of the best:

A bouquet of flowers adds an instant hit of summer to your living room (and helps disguise those not-so-pleasant Shanghai smells wafting around at this time of year). There are plenty of florists and flower markets selling fresh blooms around the city, from chic boutiques to cheap-as-chips flower markets. Here are 10 we love.

Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

With the advent of summer, Shanghai turns into an outdoor paradise of terraces and patios. But what about when the plum rains come? Here are six things to do indoors when the xiayu starts.

Flying forward with Feiyue

China gets plenty of flak for ripping off foreign brands, but it has a history of classic names all of its own. Here are five of the most iconic, all of which hail from Shanghai.

Sina Weibo: Catch the wave

China’s answer to Twitter is getting bigger and bigger. Just like its forerunner, Sina Weibo is attracting celebrities, politicians, businesspeople and… attention seekers. Here’s a round-up of the best and weirdest (including a couple of names you will definitely recognize).

Richbaby Shanghai

You mean you haven't been here yet?

Get your veg on

It's not easy being a vegetarian in Shanghai, but the good news is that the city now has a decent array of veggie and vegan restaurants, from Western-style cafes to Buddhist havens serving Chinese fare. Here are the five vegetarian restaurants we like best.

Munchies pancake breakfast

For a city so devoted to jian bing, Shanghai is suprisingly blessed when it comes to Western pancakes of the sweet variety. Here are five of our favorites restaurants in Shanghai to get western breakfast staple, pancakes.


This summer has brought a raft of great new restaurants and bars to Shanghai. Here are 10 of our favorites.

BackHome, Kuala Lumpur

Wherever you travel in Asia, cool rooms don’t have to cost the earth.

I scream for ice-cream

Sometimes those pea-flavored ice pops at Kedi just don't cut it, so now that the weather is legitimately hot, here are six places in Shanghai where you can find good ice-cream and gelato.


Father's Day has rolled around again, and what better excuse to chow down on some steak? Here are five great spots to indulge your meat cravings, and treat your dad to a tasty dinner.

Apps-olutely great

Here are five super-useful apps to make your life in Shanghai easier. (For non-Apple devotees, we promise to round up the top five for Android and Blackberry soon.)

Shaken and stirred.

Strong, tasty and nice to look at – who doesn’t love cocktails? Here are eight places to get them, from the swanky to the affordable.

Sushi feast

Summer is the perfect time to eat sushi. Cool slabs of raw fish go down well when the weather is hot, and a dash of cold sake on the side is the perfect accompaniment. If you’ve been put off raw fish since the Japanese earthquake, rest assured that all of the major sushi restaurants have switched their suppliers to European and Chinese fish markets for the time being. Here are five of our favorite places to get sushi in Shanghai.

Springtime in Lu Xun Park

To the untrained eye, Shanghai is a jungle of concrete and steel, but tucked among the buildings are plenty of public parks where you can fly a kite, take a stroll, and enjoy the warm weather. Here are 10 of our favorites, from the sprawling wildernesses of Gongqing Forest Park in Yangpu to the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Shaoxing Park in the former French Concession.

Cantina Agave

It doesn't have to be Cinco de Mayo for us to crave Mexican food. Shanghai has a few really good options. These are our favorite Mexican restaurants in Shanghai.

Where my ladies at?

It’s great being a girl. The Ladies’ Night phenomenon means that if you’re female, you get to enjoy a Champagne lifestyle on a soda budget. Here are 10 of the best Ladies’ Nights in Shanghai.

The best bookshops in town

Thanks to all the Kindles and iPads that are knocking around, it’s easy to get books these days. However, nothing quite matches the feel of paper in your hands, or the sense of achievement when you turn the last page. Here are 10 places we go to whenever we want the real thing.

The BREW at Kerry Parkside

Once limited to watery Tsingtao, Shanghai’s beer scene is now thriving. Here are ten bars that serve great beers in Shanghai.

Cantina's brunch tacos

Shanghai’s love affair with brunch shows no signs of ending. Here are ten of the city’s best:

Cotton's on Xinhua Lu

When the weather is good, Shanghai’s outdoor drinking and dining scene springs into life. Here are ten terraces you shouldn’t miss:

The Waterhouse

Say what you like about the 2010 Expo, but one thing’s for sure - it's bequeathed the city a veritable cornucopia of new hotels.