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Shanghai restaurant REVIEW:
Lost Heaven Lounge

  • Lost Heaven Lounge
    Lost Heaven Lounge

The buzz: Lost Heaven on the Bund, the upscale Yunan restaurant, opens a fancy new lounge upstairs with an outdoor terrace and a quirky cocktail list.

The look: Like the restaurant downstairs, the spacious lounge boasts a folk-chic design that abounds with Yunanese and Tibetan ethnic elements. You can marvel at the wall made of Pu'er tea bricks, or rest your back on the embroidered cushions. Shut off from the outside world by bamboo groves, the outdoor terrace is equipped with a wooden bar, water fountains beautiful lamps and comfy seats.

The fourth floor is less visited (for now) and therefore more intimate. You can either sip on a cocktail by the private bar or chillax with your loved one on the small terrace.

The drinks: While the beers might be a bit overpriced (50rmb for a bottle of Tsingtao? No, thank you! ), the innovative, immaculately prepared cocktails here are not to be missed. Inspired by Yunanese or Tibetan ingredients and culture, these drinks not only please your tastebuds but also tease your other senses.

Tea-Pot Punch (250rmb, serves 4) is made of gin, apricot liqueur, green tea and juice, and served in a traditional tea pot. Despite the eye-popping way it's served, the drink itself is surprisingly subtle and refreshing. Our verdict? A great summer drink for a bunch of fun-loving buddies. There are also three tea inspired Mar-Tea-Nis on the menu, such as Pure-Tea-Ni (70rmb) - a very strong concoction of tea infused gin, vodka and vermouth.

The music: There were no DJs upon our visit, only easy-listening lounge music flowing out of the speakers. But DJ sets are scheduled in the future, as Lost Heaven claims it will make its own 'traditional Yi songs mixed with contemporary beat'.

The crowd: Fashionable and laid-back, the people here are simply having a good time. Many of them are coming for pre- or after-dinner drinks.

Why you'll be back: To enjoy a delicious cocktail in an exotic environment.

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Phone: 6330-0967
Lost Heaven Lounge, 3-4/F, 17 Yanan Dong Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, Shanghai, China



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Alfresco, Reservation recommended
Lost Heaven Lounge