SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21): Technorati, a search engine for blogs, says there are well over 100 million blogs on the Internet, and that figure doesn’t include millions of Chinese language blogs. So self-expression is thriving on a global scale, right? Not exactly. Most blogs—the estimate...
Nov 5 2010
Rob Brezsny
city living
Wine is all the rage these days, what with wine bars and shops popping up all over the place. Sure, just about anyone can tell you the archaic rule: Red wine with red meats, white wine with white meats. But truth is, that isn’t always the case, particularly when Asian food is involved. So we...
Sep 17 2010
Jalean Wong
Picking up from 2007’s Resident Evil: Extinction, this fourth installment of Paul W.S. Anderson’s shoot ‘em up kicks into high gear with its 3D action sequences and sees Alice (Milla Jovovich) continuing her rampage of revenge on the evil Umbrella Corporation. The T-Virus has...
Sep 16 2010
Sabrina Lee Mei
(Israel) As the opening film of the upcoming Israeli Film Festival, Noodle is an apt choice. Director Ayelet Menahemi spins a simple story about helping a lost child find his mother, but her flair for engaging dialogue, light comic touch and bringing unspoken emotions to screen makes this a...
Feb 8 2010
Yong Yung Shin
Yoko Ono
SH: First impressions of Shanghai? Yoko Ono: This is my first time in China. I had absolutely no expectations. When I arrived at the airport I felt how I imagine Marco Polo must have felt when he first came here. I was in total awe. It was incredible. SH: Is it difficult being an avant-garde artist...
Dec 5 2008
Asia City Staff
Son of Rambow
Despite the title, the film doesn’t feature Sly Stallone handing over his M-16 to the next generation. Instead you get a charming coming of age comedy whose humor and warmth save it from slipping into sentimentality. Directed and written by Garth Jennings (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the...
May 24 2008
Nick Measures
When one hears that Park Chan-wook (Old Boy) is helming, of all things, a romantic comedy, the first thing that comes to mind is that he’s finally sold out. Coming from the director of such dark and edgy flicks such as Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, this is thankfully not your run-of-the-mill...
Mar 8 2007
Jeremy Lee
Believe it or not, there actually was an era when the names Fandi Ahmad and Abbas Saad were a lot more recognizable among Singaporean football fans than the likes of Ryan Giggs or Michael Owen. Those times have long past, but directors Hanafi Ramdan and Yanfeng Lee, and writer Daniel Yap (in their...
Feb 28 2007
Wayne Ree
Danny and Oxide Pang (The Eye), shame on you! We all knew it was only a matter of time before your innovative and intelligent take on the horror genre put you guys on Hollywood’s radar, but did you really have to debut with the tired rehash of horror clichés that is The Messengers?...
Feb 2 2007
Daniel Tan
We never thought we’d say this—but Forest Whitaker (Phone Booth) scares the living hell out of us. We know what you’re thinking: “But isn’t this is the same guy who was all giggly in Good Morning, Vietnam and played the conscience-laden burglar that protected the kid...
Feb 1 2007
Wayne Ree