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1. Rosa Gallica This attractive florist shop in the Ferguson Lane complex sells fresh blooms as well as house plants and floral paraphernalia. Ferguson Lane, 376 Wukang Lu, near Tai'an Lu 2. Caojiadu Flower Market Tucked away between high rises, this sprawling flower market stocks every imaginable...
Jul 31 2012
Flying forward with Feiyue
1. Chung Hwa Pencils: Every kid who has sat the gaokao knows about these pencils. Green and sleek, with a 2B lead for best performance, they are a snip at 1 RMB each. The pencils are made by the China First Pencil Company Ltd., which was indeed China’s first pencil company when it was started...
Jul 31 2012
The best bookshops in town
1. Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookstore This Fuzhou Lu book paradise has English fiction and study guides at ground level, and more English books on the top floor. 390 Fuzhou Lu, near Fujian Lu 2. Shanghai Booktraders Used Bookstore This hidden gem has some great finds if you’re prepared to...
Apr 22 2011