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Strawberry Suzhou Postponed Indefinitely
Cancel your ticket to Suzhou, and head to Nanjing instead.

By Stella Shu | May 04, 2011

  • Strawberry Suzhou Postponed Indefinitely

Modern Sky announced the postponement of Strawberry Music Festival in Suzhou today. It came as a big shock two days prior to the three-day-long event. According to Modern Sky, the reason is that certain facilities in Green Country Park were recently damaged by the thunder storm. However, words are flying around on Douban and Sina weibo, saying the postponement is related to the Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou incident at Zhouzhuang Folk & Poetry Festival one week ago.

Wait for Modern Sky's further notice about refund if you already booked your ticket. And there is still hope for the dismayed music fans: Blossom - Nanjing International Music Festival is still on from April 30 to May 2. Check out the details here:

SH wishes you a very happy holiday!

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