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The Purple Onion

David Laris announces the closure of his Purple Onion restaurant.

Changes afoot @ Yucca

A new barman and a new look for the Sinan Mansions staple.

MeWellness deals

New VIP fitness consulting service announces a slew of promotions for November.

Sushi Raku

There's a new Japanese restaurant at 195 Anfu.

Sleep naked

Building on the success of the original naked Retreats, naked has just opened its new Stables resort on Mount Mogan outside Hangzhou.

Where the alchemy happens

Since opening earlier this year, Alchemist has been at the forefront of modern mixology, introducing hand crafted cocktails to Shanghai. Changes are afoot with the introduction of a new bar manager and bar tender to the fold.

Artisan Foods

Two Shanghai-based foodies put their love of the good stuff into cyberspace with a great new blog.

Le Sheng - Laris's latest

A new Shanghainese restaurant in the pipeline.

Brunch at the Kerry Hotel

The Kerry Hotel in Pudong is launching "the mother of all brunches".