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The popular club at Surpass Court turns one.

It's tough to run a nightclub in Shanghai, let alone a gay one. After a packed-out opening party in the middle of June, Club Angel, a massive gay club run by Pinkhome, has closed temporarily for 'inner adjustments'.

London, one of the world’s most bustling metropolises, a melting pot of cultures and restaurants; Shanghai, the pearl in the Far East, a city that never sleeps. So, what happens when a successful chain restaurant takes one slice of London lifestyle to the latter? Inspiration, magic and a breath of fresh air.

'London cosmopolitan lifestyle' now in Shanghai.

New Heights has partnered up with Riviera Events to launch its Summer Brunch program -“New Hamptons!” on May 15th.

Cancel your ticket to Suzhou, and head to Nanjing instead.